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R2G Nine Pin Islands Exploring Tour


*Islands distribution and information of Sai Kung inner sea
*West Dam : The story of High Island Reservoir
*Visit Leung Shuen Wan Tin Hau Temple and Hakka village
*Sea Arches of Ung Kong Group Geo-area, top four sea aches in Hong Kong
*Ninepin Groups: extensive geological landscapes such as rock cliffs, sea stacks, sea caves and sea platforms

Remark : If there is insufficient participants, we will contact the guests 3 days before departure, and arrange refund.

*Full refund or rescheduling would be made if activity affected by adverse weather, that is Amber Rainstorm Warning or the Typhoon Signal No.3 warning or above is hoisted within two hours before departure on tour date. Rescheduled activities should be carried out within three months; otherwise no refund will be made.
*In the event of sudden adverse weather or environmental condition change during the tour, the tour guide or the officer-in-charge may decide whether to cancel the activity, and no refund in that case.
*The tour will not wait for latecomers and paid fees will not be refunded to latecomers or no-shows.
*Paid fees will not be refunded if participants cannot make the trip for personal reasons or request cancellation. No tour change and participant's name change, or rescheduling will be accepted.
*Please be reminded that no pets are allowed to join ALL guided tours unless it is specially arranged for bringing your pets.
*Participants must provide real-name registration for event insurance needs, otherwise the registration will be canceled and the payment will not be refunded.

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25/8/2019 9:00am


Adult: $438.00
Under 12 year olds: $400.00